ANSAR Testing

One of the most interesting tests we do in our office is called the ANSAR test. This is a test that looks at your autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is that part of your brain that controls everything your consciousness does not control. The autonomic nervous system runs the automatic functions of your body like your blood pressure heart rate kidney functions, and your ability to contract your muscles at will. This allows your body to correlate its organs functions so that everything runs smoothly.

Autonomic Nervous System

ANSAR TestingThe autonomic nervous system is made up of two components. The first is called the sympathetic nervous system which acts like an accelerator in your car it makes things go! And the second component is the parasympathetic which is the brakes that slows things down. I like to describe the 2 components of the autonomic nervous system as a ying and a yang. As the accelerator goes up your brakes goes down and vice versa. As an example: you want to get up out of the chair the autonomic nervous system kicks into gear and the sympathetic system causes your heart rate  to go up which pumps blood to the correct muscles and the muscles contract you then stand (all of this is done in as split second. Then the parasympathetic (brakes) slows you down as you rise so you do not jump out of the chair.

The autonomic nervous system is a very important part of your brain and by looking at the autonomic part of your brain we can evaluate you for problems that may just be beginning or are not as controlled as we want them to be in example: diabetes, hypertension, sudden death and heart issues, kidney dysfunction as well depression anxiety or acid reflux.

About The ANSAR Test

The ANSAR test is a ten minute noninvasive test that uses simple breathing exercises and at the same time monitors your blood pressure, pulse and breathing to evaluate how your autonomic nervous system is functioning. The computer then compares the results to a set of normal results and can than give us useful information on how you are functioning and responding to the world around you. We can then correlate these results and come up with an individualized treatment algorithm to help both guard against certain diseases and treat others more correctly.

Though it is not fool proof it is a great way to look at you now and in the future evaluating you for some of the most common ailments to help along with the physical exam and blood work to find answers and solutions.

We Are One Of The Few In South Florida

I am proud to be one of the only ANSAR centers in South Florida. It is covered on most insurance plans, ask about the ANSAR test at your next visit.